RAGE HD Becomes Free After 100K Facebook "Likes"

We aren't ashamed of it: we have an unnatural love affair with all-things RAGE around here, and anyone even remotely into the gaming scene would probably agree. It's pretty remarkable to see what high-end gaming has become, even on the mobile front. Just a few years ago, imagining a scenario where cutting-edge titles were able to be played on the same device that you use to call mom on Mother's Day was hard to do. Now, the iPhone is a mobile gaming hurricane, and even companies like Sony and Nintendo have to keep the App Store in mind due to its serious impact in how we think about the quality and delivery of titles.

RAGE HD is the iOS version of id Software's next monster, and most say it's the best looking good on the iPhone thus far. For some time, the 747MB installer has cost $1.99 on the App Store -- a total bargain no matter how you slice it. But you know what's better than $1.99? Free. After reaching 100,000 Facebook "Likes," the company kept their promise by slashing the price to $0.00, so if you've held off until now, it's about time you clocked a download. So, what are you waiting for?
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