R600 To Have "True" Cable-Less Crossfire

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that ATI's upcoming flagship R600 GPU will be the company's first graphics card to support cable-less Crossfire with zero limitations. As you might remember from our review of the Radeon X1800 GTO, that GPU also touted cable-less Crossfire support. However, some limitations are present in that configurations whereas R600 will supposedly have full bandwidth between the cards. For many, the lack of needing a specific Master/Slave card is the last hurdle to be overcome before Crossfire can be considered a viable alternative to SLI so this feature is a welcomed addition to ATI's lineup.

ATI will implement this bridge in its upcoming RV570 and RV560 chips and will enable more than one chip on a PCB configuration. But it won't be until R600 that this cable-less Crossfire comes into action. R580+ will be the slight redesign of the existing R580, so don't expect miracles here. You will still need a master card and a cable to plug them together.


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