Quanta Ships Record Amount Of Laptops In June

Quanta Computer. You may have never heard of them. You've probably never visited their website. You've definitely never seen an advertisement for their company on the television. So why are they so important? They're the contract notebook computer maker for some of the world's biggest laptop brands, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Sony. So every notebook that you see from Dell, HP or Sony was actually build in the same factory (or set of factories). That's pretty wild, but it's true.

Investors and economists play close attention to what happens at Quanta, even though most consumers could not care less. The reason? Quanta's total shipments are often good indicators of how business is doing on a macro scale, since their shipment figures aren't just from one PC company selling to one demographic, but to multiple vendors selling to everyone from elementary students to grandparents. In June 2010, Quanta broke a record for the most notebooks shipped in a month. 4.8 million of them were sent out from their factories, which is a fairly impressive feat considering just how bad the economy was in June of 2009.

A year after the worst few months in our economy since the Great Depression, and already we're looking at record sales. That's not a sign that things are 100% fixed, but it's certainly a sign that things aren't getting too much worse. The company took in $3.1 billion in revenue, and obviously CPU and RAM companies are loving the demand. This is also a sign of the notebook's dominance. Many expected tablets to eat away at their share, but that hasn't proven true yet. As for desktops? We suspect those are still on the decline, but hardcore gamers will always have a few choices when it comes time for a new tower.