Qualcomm's Android-Powered Toq Smartwatch Ships Next Month For $350

Hear that? That's the smartwatch war gearing up, and with Samsung's Galaxy Gear + the up-start Pebble already vying for wrist space, is there room for another contender? That's a question that'll have to be answered by Qualcomm, which has just announced that its Toq smartwatch will be available to consumers starting on Cyber Monday. That's December 2, and it'll be priced at $349.99. Outside of the Pebble, that's about the going rate for one of these guys, which still strikes us as a fairly steep point of entry.

Of course, the low-power, always-on Mirasol display costs a pretty penny, and it also runs a full build of Android underneath. Plus, it supports Bluetooth headphones, as well as Qualcomm's WiPower LE technology for a drop-and-go wireless charging experience.

Qualcomm isn't typically a name you'd associate with wearables, but it will certainly become one this holiday season.