Qualcomm to License Display Tech, Could Mean the End of Mirasol Ereader Screens

Inconspicuously wedged into a typically tedious Q3 earnings report, Qualcomm mentioned that it was going to license its mirasol display technology and would be commercializing only a few products.

Specifically, the quote from the report is as follows:

With respect to QMT, we're now focusing on licensing our next-generation mirasol display technology and will directly commercialize only certain mirasol products. We believe that this strategy will better align our updated roadmap with the addressable opportunities.

Reportedly, actually manufacturing the mirasol ereader screens is tough to do--The Digital Reader has it on good authority that it cost too much to meet the necessary quality standards--and Qualcomm is now looking for someone else to step up and take the manufacturing reins.

Kyobo ereader with mirasol display
Kyobo ereader, with mirasol display

This could mean that the mirasol display, which by all accounts sounded like a lovely technology, could be done for--unless someone can figure out how to actually make it without breaking the bank, which is something no one accomplished over the last eight years.