Qualcomm Unveils Quick Charge 4+ For Faster, More Intelligent And Safer Smartphone Charging

Smartphones have become a big part of our daily lives. Whether it is texting a buddy or looking up driving directions, smartphones see a lot of use. That is why battery life is such an important metric. Equally as important is how fast a mobile device can charge. Qualcomm has been leading the charge in that regard with its Quick Charge technology, and its new Quick Charge 4+ program ups the ante with several improvements.

"When Quick Charge 4 was announced, it promised to bring even faster charging than its predecessor, allowing a device to go from empty to 50 percent in just 15 minutes. We added new technologies designed to further extend battery cycle life, enhance safety, and expand charging intelligence. These features come standard with a device that includes Quick Charge 4," Qualcomm said.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Maurizio Pesce)

"But we haven’t been resting on our accomplishments since then. In fact, since that time we developed new enhancements and created a special program for those device and accessory manufacturers who design their products with these new features included. We call this the 'plus' program, as in Quick Charge 4+," Qualcomm added.

Devices sporting the Quick Charge 4+ designation have all of the same benefits of Quick Charge 4 plus three enhancements. The first of those is dual charge. While already an option on earlier versions, dual charge is now more powerful and includes a second power management IC in the device. Charging a device using dual charge divides the current, which allows for lower temperatures and faster charges.

The second enhancement is intelligent thermal balancing. This is designed to move current via the coolest path autonomously, which in turn eliminates hot spots for optimized power deliver.

And the third enhancement is the addition of advanced safety features. Qualcomm says that Quick Charge 4 already includes rigorous built-in safety protocols, but that Quick Charge 4+ takes things a step further by monitoring both the case and connector temperature levels at the same time. This added layer of protection helps to prevent Type-C connectors from overheating and short circuiting.

The net result for end users is that Quick Charge 4+ devices run up to 3 percent cooler, charge up to 15 faster, and are up to 30 percent more power efficient. ZTE's Nubia Z17 is the first device to include Quick Charge 4+ support, though look for others to follow suit in the not-too-distant future.