Qualcomm Crowns Cristiano Amon As Future CEO To Replace Retiring Steve Mollenkopf

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There are some major personnel changes underway at Qualcomm. Qualcomm recently announced that their Chief Executive Officer Steve Mollenkopf plans to retire this year and will be succeeded by Cristiano Amon. The change will go into effect on June 30th, 2021 and Mollenkopf will continue to work as a strategic advisor to Qualcomm. 

Mollenkopf initially joined Qualcomm in 1995 and has been the corporation’s CEO since March 2014. Mark McLaughlin, Chair of Qualcomm’s Board of Directors, noted that Mollenkopf led the company through “unprecedented circumstances” during his tenure. These circumstances included Mollenkopf helping to settle a legal battle with Apple and winning a FTC antitrust lawsuit. He further remarked, “Under Steve’s leadership, the Company remained focused and created immense value for stockholders, inventing key technologies that are driving economic growth and improving lives.” Qualcomm’s stock has reportedly gained 96.7% during Mollenkopf’s tenure.

mollenkopf amon together
Steve Mollenkopf (left) and Cristiano Amon (right)

Mollenkopf has played a major role in the development of Qualcomm. He served the corporation as its president and chief operating officer for several years prior to becoming CEO. He was once in charge of Qualcomm’s semiconductor business and led the corporation's launch of 4G. Mollenkopf commented that he is proud of what Qulacomm has accomplished and is confident that it is a good time for Amon to take over the position as CEO.

Amon is also no stranger to Qualcomm. He also started at Qualcomm in 1995 as an engineer and has served the corporation in a variety of positions. He has been Qualcomm's president since January 2018 and currently leads the corporation's semiconductor business. 

Amon noted that he is honored to have been voted the next CEO by the Board of Directors and that “In addition to driving the expansion of 5G into mainstream devices and beyond mobile, Qualcomm is set to play a key role in the digital transformation of numerous industries as our technologies become essential to connecting everything to the cloud.” Qulacomm is incredibly invested in 5G and Amon has been essential in the corporation’s focus on it. The first devices to launch with the Snapdragon 480 5G Mobile Platform should be available some time this year.

Images courtesy of Qualcomm