Quad 150GB Raptor RAID Array

Game PC has managed to get their hands on four of Western Digital's new 150GB Raptor hard drives and benchmarked a RAID-0 configuration for your viewing pleasure. Armed with 10,000rpm spindle speeds, 16MB cache, and a native SATA controller the latest Raptor drives are easily one of the fastest consumer drives money can buy. For the price, these drives had better offer blazing performance. To give you an idea of what sort of cash we're talking about, it would cost roughly $1200 to build the RAID array used in this article!

In terms of raw performance, the Raptor 150 is unbeatable at this point. Most new Serial ATA-II/300 class 7,200 RPM hard drives can push around 50-55 MB/s sustained transfer rates, whereas the Raptor 74 GB could push around 65 MB/s. The Raptor 150 GB one ups them all, maxing out at around 77 MB/s for a single drive, and improvement of roughly 18% over their previous generation product.
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