Purists Rejoice, All Future Lenovo Phones Will Run Bone Stock Android

A sometimes unfortunate thing about loving a vendor's hardware is the fact that the same kind of care that makes you love the device itself might not be shown towards the software solution. Sometimes, too much care can be given, resulting in a bloated OS that can become sluggish.

Many vendors have come to their senses over the years, as we've seen a trend of more and more companies decide to go with stock Android on their devices - or at least stock Android with minor modifications. We now find out that Lenovo is the latest company to jump on this bandwagon of clean OSes, as its upcoming K8 Note will include Android 7.1.1 in an almost default state.

Lenovo K6 Note
Lenovo's K6 Note smartphone

In talking to Gadgets 360, Lenovo says that this decision was entirely the result of listening to its customers pleas. "There was a certain trend and we have now decided to cut the Vibe Pure UI off from our phones." says Lenovo Head of Product Marketing Anuj Sharma.

This is further proof that if you have a distaste about an otherwise wonderful product, it can pay to make your concerns known, because companies are listening, even if they don't make it apparent often enough.

To be clear, Lenovo is not going to keep back optimizations that many of its users would actually want to see with the OS, such as with audio enhancements (eg: Dolby Atmos). Other than that, though, the phone will be as clean as can be, hopefully ensuring that the K8 Note (and other upcoming Lenovo devices) will remain fast for the long-haul.