Public Labs Open Source Smartphone Spectrometer Let's You Find Your Wavelength

Is there anything a smartphone can’t do these days? Apparently, they now double as spectrometers, at least when you add a special kit that’s been developed by collaborators at Public Labs.

The Public Lab Smartphone Spectrometer is a small injection-molded plastic device that you can adhere to a smartphone so you can take measurements in the field and scan liquids, gases, or lights. The device will work with most Android and iOS devices, and in the “hero” shot of the Smartphone Spectrometer, it’s actually mounted on a Firefox OS handset.

Public Labs SMartphone Spectrometer

The spectrometer’s software is web-based and runs on a variety of browsers including Opera and Chrome, and the team says that it’s working on a native iOS app, too. You can stick the device to your smartphone using (temporary) adhesive, but it’s easiest if you can mount it on a removable phone case. You can also mount it on a standard camera tripod.

Public Labs SMartphone Spectrometer

Public Labs SMartphone Spectrometer

The Smartphone Spectrometer is up for preorder now for $70, and it will start shipping in December. There’s also a $40 desktop kit and a $10 foldable mini-spectrometer you can use with your smartphone, too.

All of the designs are open source hardware, so anyone can use them or modify them.

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