New PUBG Xbox One Update Amps Up Performance And Stability, Here Are The Patch Notes

pubg savage ridge
It seems as though PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was all the rage last year with online gamers, then Fortnite came long to rain on its parade. With Fortnite now gathering up the lion’s share of attention from gamers these days, PUBG engagement has been cut in half since the start of 2018. Developer Bluehole is trying to address some of the complaints that may have caused some to flee the game with a new patch specific to the Xbox One platform.

While there is no new content that is being delivered with this new patch, the main focus is being placed on stability and performance. With regards to stability, the developer has made further optimizations to the user interface (UI) to use less resources, while memory usage for maps has been significantly reduced (with Miramar being specifically called out for vastly improved memory usage).

“Even without any memory leaks, there are instances where players would crash due to being 'out of memory'", writes Bluehole. "This is mostly due to the huge amount of memory required to process maps. We’ve reduced the total amount of memory needed to process each map by a remarkable amount, which will lead to fewer crashes."

Battlegrounds gameplay 2

On the performance front, situations that have been specifically improved include when driving vehicles (which is notoriously janky in its current iteration) and when you first land on a map. Bluehole goes onto say that the game attempts to load all assets with a 1km radius to improve the gaming experience, but it does tend to have a negative impact on overall system performance. Further optimizations are being made to address these concerns.

Here are a handful of the performance updates that have been introduced with this Xbox One patch:

  • Character movement has been optimized to use less resources and improve performance.
  • Vehicle location updates have been made more efficient for stationary vehicles to improve performance.
  • Vehicle effects have been optimized to improve performance, without affecting visual quality.
  • Bullet impact effects will no-longer consume resources if they aren’t seen by the player.
  • Character shadow rendering has been optimized to improve performance.
  • Terrain and grass have been optimized on both maps (Miramar/Erangel) to increase performance.

PUBG is currently available now on the Xbox One as part of the Game Preview program, and today's patch is exclusively available for that platform. You can read the full patch notes here.