PUBG Codename: Savage Map Returns To Test Server

PUBG fans who enjoyed playing the Codename: Savage map on the Closed Experimental Server the last time it was available have another opportunity to play the new map. Savage launched again on the experimental server last night at 9 PM ET. The map will be available to play until Wednesday, April 18. Just as before you will need a beta key to access the server and try the map this time around.

pubg savage ridge

You can still register for beta keys here, but they are not guaranteed to be given to all who want one. If you had a beta key last time, it will still work for this round of testing. The Savage map has been changed significantly since the last round of testing. The map is now more dense than it was before, with three new areas added to the middle and southeastern portions of the map.

pubg savage cargo

The frequency of grenade spawning on the map has been changed and boats will be less common this time around. The biggest change that players will face has to do with modifications to the redzone and bluezone. The redzone is now smaller and will last for less time. The bluezone size will vary depending on how many players are left alive.

pubg savage ship

PUBG Corp. says that the map now has a feature that "enables [it] to calculate and adjust its waiting time based on the number of players left alive." Players wondering when the final map will be launched for all to play on normal servers, you have some time to go. The company notes that the final version of the map won’t be available for a few more months. PUBG added a new deathmatch style War Mode to custom games this month, the game is ever evolving.