PUBG Channels Fortnite Combat With 4km x 4km Sanhok Map Launching This Week

PUBG was all the rage with gamers in 2017 until the Fortnite battle royale made hit the scene and quickly began to win out in concurrent player numbers. PUBG has been working to gain back its lost popularity to outpace Fortnite, and has in the past promised better performance to lure back gamers. Now, a new map is coming to PUBG this week and it is called Sanhok.

pubg sanhok girl

The new map is much smaller (4km x 4km) at about a fourth of the size of maps like Erangel or Miramar. PUBG says that the smaller size will make battles end a bit faster because there will still be 100 players on the small map.

pubg sanhok map

To improve performance on the map, far away players and vehicles aren't rendered the same way for server performance gains. Sanhok has dynamically changing weather and this map lets players pelt each other with apples as they wait to board the plane in the in-game lobby. The Redzone is smaller and shorter lasting on this map, with the center appearing outside the playzone. That change puts payers at increased risk when outside the playzone.

pubg sanhok gbz

Bluezone tweaks include shorter wait times and longer travel times. Bluezone is also dynamic on this map, and checks the remaining number of players before deciding the next circle. Spawn balance has changed to allow players to get equipped for battle faster. ARs, SMGs, and DRMs spawn more often and the total spawn rate has increased by 5% compared to the last round of map testing. No 8x or 15x scope will spawn on this map, but they can be obtained in care packages.

pubg sanhok ruins

Locations on the map include an abandoned archaeological site inside a cave that forces players to parachute in through the roof. Ruins on the map provide close-quarters combat action for players. Paradise Resort with a giant elephant in the center is good for snipers and shotgun users.

pubg sanhok ele

An old training center has a tactical obstacle course that players will enjoy and packs lots of loot. A flooded limestone quarry is red and dead looking compared to the rest of the map. Players can explore the docks with ships to loot with PUBG saying this is a good place for new players. 

The Sanhok map was in testing before, but the official launch is now set for June 22nd along with PC Update #15.