PUBG Levels Up With 3D Replay System And Kill Cam In This Week's 1.0 Release

PUBG is insanely popular right now and new features destined for the 1.0 release of the game has players all excited. The first is a new 3D replay feature that will arrive on December 20th. The announcement of the feature came from a South Korean firm called Minkonet that is building the replay system for the game.

pubg killcam

The company stated that the features would be ready for the December 20th launch right alongside other other new goodies like vaulting, climbing, and the Miramar desert map. This isn't the first time we have heard about the 3D replay tech, as it was first teased in May at E3. Basically, the feature records around the player in game for a radius of one kilometer. That information is stored on the user's local machine.

When the player is killed, you get a 20-second kill cam view from behind the player who killed you. This might be just the ticket for the players who end up wondering just how they were killed. This feature is live now on the PUBG test servers.

Players will get three different views with a player view that shows what the player was seeing on their screen at the time you got whacked. The following view puts the cam above and behind the player and the free camera allows the player to glide all around the battlefield. On the bottom of the replay screen is a timeline that includes battles and lets you jump in and watch.

Players who really want to improve their skills might use the new camera system to observe mistakes that led to their death.