PlayStation 4 Latest Remote Play Firmware Update Also Adds 4TB Hard Drive Support

In a blog post announcing its 3.50 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 console, Sony highlighted several new social features that were being added, followed by a mention of supporting Remote Play on Windows PCs and Macs. However, PS4 owners are discovering several other feature additions included in the new firmware, such as what appears to be fixed support for 4TB hard drives.

There's an ongoing reddit thread keeping track of the changes being reported by PS4 owners who've installed the 3.50 update, and one of the latest discoveries is that an issue related to the PS4's Rest Mode feature that previously affected HDDs larger than 2TB paired with Nyko's Power Bank has "probably" been addressed by Sony.

PlayStation 4

"The Nyko Power Bank paired with a 4TB Toshiba HDD works with Rest Node as well now with launch edition PS4s. Nyko said it would work with newer models but haven't had any issues," reddit user LongTimeGamer noted.

Only a couple of users have reported testing HDDs larger than 4TB on the updated PS4, hence why the issue is listed as "probably" being fixed (sample size is too small).

Sony's update introduces several other features not discussed in its blog post, like the ability to disable on-screen notification for screenshots so you can fire off multiple, interrupted screenshots in a row (it's in Settings under Notifications), and the ability to set a party limit of anywhere from 2-8 people.

Another notable mention is that USB music playback makes a return to the PS4 with 3.50 upgrade. That's good news for anyone who carries around a bunch of songs on their USB flash drive—just plug in it and get down with your funky self.