PS3 Developer Fired

Playstation 3 Week brings word that  outspoken (former) Playstation 3 developer Josh Robinson has been fired by Sony for violating NDA and smearing the PS3 name in his highly-publicized "review" of PS3 development. The website managed to interview Josh to see what the fallout of the article entailed and what his plans moving forward are. For some (myself included), the firing of this former developer is no suprise and is to be expected. When a 3D Artist for an upcoming console starts bad-mouthing their own company's product, does anyone expect anything good to happen?

Did I knowingly break NDA? I absolutely did not. I would never do that and I would never want to hurt Sony Online. Did I dance in the grey area by even opening my mouth? Yes I did and I was fired for it. So I guess the new rule for me is, don't ever say anything at all about anything. Ever...ever.
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