PS3 Delayed - Is it game over for Sony?

Sony's much anticipated Playstation 3 has been pushed back to November 2006, which can be both good and bad news, depending on if you're a gamer or Bill Gates. The folks over at BFR, like many of us, aren't thrilled at the idea, and have to wonder if this is just the first in a series of delays.

"Early this morning while most of us still lay asleep, on the other side of the globe industry shaking news was finally revealed about the ever elusive PS3. It has been nearly a year since 2005's E3 PS3 conference and with little to no further knowledge being disclosed to anyone about anything, we've been feeding off of "Target" Videos and Tech Demo's for what feels to be an eternity. It would seem Sony had left us completely in the dark. Fortunately today Sony decided to hit the light switch. At 8am in Tokyo, Japan a wide-eyed Ken Kutaragi took the stage with a full arsenal of information about the PS3."

On the other side of the issue though, could this delay actually be a good thing?

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