Problems Continue for MacBooks

For any of you MacBook owners who have been patiently waiting for Apple to fix the issues that cause your MacBook to freeze whenever 4GB of RAM is installed, it appears you’ll have to continue waiting, and stick with 2GB or 3GB in the meantime.  This is quite the downer for many owners who are chomping at the bit to beef up their systems.

Apple released a firmware upgrade yesterday, which many users were hoping would resolve the issue that plagues late 2008 MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. Unfortunately, as jkOnTheRun has reported, the upgrade didn’t do the trick for all users: After popping in the full 4GB of RAM, the system appeared to run fine at first, but later froze up while sitting idle, thereby displaying the same erroneous behavior as before the update. According to the forums, a few users have had success with installing 4GB of RAM, but results seem extremely mixed.

From various user reports, it appears that the problems occur regardless of if you are using Apple-supplied memory or third-party memory. Furthermore, the issue appears when more than 3GB of memory is installed.

In all fairness, Apple never promised that the update released yesterday would fix the problem, instead the company simply stated that the firmware update addresses "stability issues". Still, many users were hopeful.

Typically, Microsoft is the company that’s often poked fun at for buggy products and software, but it appears that they’re not as alone as some may like. Maybe Apple just does a better job at hiding its flaws? Regardless, it appears Apple still has some work to do.

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