Probe into Soldiers and Nazi Salutes on YouTube

YouTube is in hot water in Germany over archival and modern clips portraying Nazi and neo-Nazi activities.  In Austria, the focus is focus is on those in the video - young soldiers apparently giving the Nazi salute.
In the video shown on YouTube before being removed, a young man in army uniform marches by and stretches out his right arm in a Hitler salute. A second, shaven-headed soldier does the same, shouting: "Heil Hitler!"

"There is zero tolerance for such actions. Those involved will have to answer to the army and the law and take the consequences," said Darabos, a Social Democrat. State prosecutors had launched an investigation at his request.

Whenever something like this comes up, you have to wonder - "what were they thinking?"  Not just in terms of the act, but in posting it.  Expect some major, though localized, fallout for this.
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