Prey Screenies - 1024X768, 4X AA, 16X Aniso

What better to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon, than a little benchmarking with a new game title? Here are a couple of screen shots from the demo of the new FPS, Prey from 3D Realms. The game certainly has its share of original game play style--including defying gravity, walking on the ceiling and shooting weapons that have a "bio-mechanoid" build to them (in other words they're made by part machine, part living organism).


These are screens from a multi-player match "MultiPrey" that I jumped into and needless to say I got owned a bit.  Go figure.  Too much time benching, not enough goofing off.  Network performance was good though and it was exciting for the few minutes I spent on this one server. OK, back to work.  Sean has a new Dell XPS notebook article ready for editing.  We're tireless here at HH.  Always here to serve youz.