Prepaid T-Mobile Service To Offer Free Facebook Access With Or Without Data Plan

T-Mobile’s prepaid phone service, GoSmart, is doing a little shimmy to get an edge in the prepaid market by offering Facebook access for free, irrespective of whether or not users have a data plan.

It’s certainly an interesting idea, and Facebook is in on it. So many people spend so much time on Facebook, but for many, mobile access is limited because of data caps (or the complete lack of a data plan altogether). This deal allows users to spend as much time as they want on the social networking site and also use Facebook Messenger.

T-Mobile GoSmart

T-Mobile noted in a press release that almost half of Facebook users access the site via mobile devices, so it makes sense for Facebook to find a way to engage as many mobile users as possible, but this deal is something of a first.

T-Mobile’s GoSmart plans offerings include unlimited talk for $25 per month, unlimited talk/text or $30, unlimited talk/text/web for $35, and a $45 option for unlimited talk and text with 5GB of 3G data.