Prepaid Internet on the Go Service Brings MiFi To Walmart

Oftentimes, we find ourselves wishing that Wi-Fi was everywhere. Kind of like oxygen. But given that it's not going to happen any time soon, this is actually getting us closer to the goal. TruConnect Mobile has announced a partnership with Walmart that'll bring Internet on the Go to customers. It's described as a "prepaid mobile broadband service that offers a great value for casual users." The keys here are twofold: Walmart, meaning widespread accessibility, and prepaid, which puts in the hands of so many people who have no need to commit to a two-year data agreement.

The service will start by selling the MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, as well as a service plan from TruConnect with no monthly fee. Furthermore, the data balance won't expire if you use it once per year. That's majorly different from most services, where unused megabytes are wasted at the end of the month – potentially driving up the cost. Mobile broadband data services to date have been primarily used by road warriors – those who are willing to spend $30-$60 every month to be online while on the go. Now, that's changing, and it's about time.

Customers can buy Internet on the Go service with refill, credit or debit cards in increments of $10 for 100 MB, $25 for 500 MB or $45 for 1 GB and use this bandwidth as quickly or as gradually as they want. Online automatic refills are also available for $20 for 450 MB. In addition, there are no contracts, no activation fees, no monthly bills, no bundled data plans and no overage charges. Users simply purchase the MiFi 2200 and the Internet on the Go service and achieve a secure Wi-Fi network that can be used to connect up to five laptops or tablets to the Internet.

So, still shoving aside the notion of keeping a MiFi around?