Pr0n Has Subtitles? Who Knew?

VLC Player is a very useful media player, as it can play almost any sort of video codec you can name, and it's free. But if you like using VLC Player to look at the media files you acquire as you make your way across the video landscape, beware: the latest version of VLC has a big security flaw.

The problem occurs when a someone loads a subtitle file, which causes a buffer overflow that can be exploited. The security flaw is platform independent, which means it affects Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Initially it was reported that the flaws in version 0.8.6d were fixed in the latest release, but this turns out not to be the case. Auriemma writes: “The old buffer-overflow in the subtitles handled by VLC has not been fully patched in version 0.8.6e.”

I use VLC Player and love it. But I must not get out enough. I didn't know there even were discrete subtitle files on videos. But all you multilingual BitTorrent users take care out there on the Internet until VLC figures out the problem.
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