Powerful. Cheap. Dumb Name. Yeah, Its A Dell

Dell is out with a line of laptops and desktops aimed at the small business market. They've named the line Vostro, which is latin for... Oh, who cares, it's a dumb name. Never mind the name, it's a great idea. Businesses of a dozen or two people (SMEs) can't afford to have in-house tech support, and need inexpensive, powerful machines ready to go out of the box, with remote technical assistance available.

In Vostro, the Texas-based computer specialist is releasing not only a new line-up of SME hardware but also a complete range of Dell services intended to make business life easier to handle for smaller enterprises embracing the Vostro approach.

Specifically, interested consumers will receive the option to snap up Dell’s PC Tune Up optimisation software, its DataSafe online backup service, and also remote technical assistance. Further to that Dell has said it will remove the vast majority of its standard trial-based system software so that enterprises are able to hit the ground running – Antivirus software will still be included.

No crapware is nice. The lappies start at just $449 for an AMD dual core model, and range up to a $799 version with Intel Core2 Duo processors. The desktops are based on Intel's Core2 Duo, ranging up to 4GB of memory and 1TB of internal storage. The low end model is only $349. Vista or XP is offered on all models. Won't impress anyone at Slashdot, but maybe you could stop fooling around with your computer rigs and get back to work.
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