PowerColor X800 GT, HTPC Primer, OCZ PC4000 Enhanced and More!

PowerColor X800 GT Xtreme Edition Review @ The Tech Zone:

"Power for the X800 GT Xtreme is provided by ATI's R480 chipset running at 500MHz. This is 25MHz faster than the standard X800 GT. The Xtreme achieves this higher core speed with a better cooling solution. The normal X800 GT use 256 Meg of 2ns GDDR3 memory running at 980MHz. The Xtreme version use 1.6ns memory running at 1050MHz. All together, it adds up to a faster video card for just a few dollars more."

HTPC Primer, Part II @ Bigbruin.com:

"In the first of a two-part series of Tech Tips on getting started with a Home Theater PC, or HTPC, we looked at the two most basic features to be considered: audio and video. With those areas addressed, there are still plenty of aspects worth considering that can help your computer become better integrated into your home theater for a truly enjoyable experience. Some of these aspects include component speed, cooling, noise, style, and the user interface."

OCZ PC4000 Enhanced Bandwidth Platinum Edition @ Overclockersonline.com:

Gone are the days when the best performance is provided by 1GB kits of memory. OCZ has given us an alternative that provides amazing performance, solid overclockability, and 2GBs of memory in the form of two 1GB modules running in dual channel at timings that are un-heard of anywhere else on the market. As you saw from the overclocking, this kit not only runs DDR500 @ 3-3-2-8 but it actually runs DDR500 @ 2.5-3-2-7 and 2-3-2-7 up to DDR450+!

Half Life 2 Lost Coast HDR Performance: Crossfire vs SLI @ AMDZone:

"Valve released the extra Half Life 2 level Lost Coast yesterday evening, and with an 32X SLI setup, and Crossfire setup already humming we decided that some benchmarks revealing HDR on and off performance were in order. It was a bloodbath with our initial results. High Dynamic Range Lighting is a spectacle, and certainly Valve has implemented a much more advanced version that you will find in Far Cry."