PowerColor X800 GT EVO Liquid Cooled, Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300

Hey folks, I'm just stopping by to drop off the night's news. Before I leave, I must tell you that Quake 4 has gone gold and has a October 13th release date in the US(thanks Blue!). This game... I'm looking forward to it :D Goodnight all!

Leadtek WinFast PX7800 GTX THD MyVIVO Extreme @ AMD Zone

"Leadtek's WinFast PX7800 GTX THD MyVIVO Extreme is simply an amazing card all around and probably one of if not the best 7800 GTX that you can currently purchase. With the excellent cooling technology with their heatpipes and fan which are near silent as well as running cool, pre-overclocked card, VIVO, great software bundle, and amazing overclockability coupled with the best performance and image quality on the market today."

OCZ Rally 2GB Flash Memory Drive Review @ 3DXtreme

"Our Sandra bench scores confirm the HDTach results, along with that it also shows the write speed which also blows the Kingston drive out of the water. OCZ claims up to 23MB/s read and up to 17MB/s write for this 2GB unit and by the looks of the results certainly meets those numbers. The 512MB and 1GB modules are listed with even faster read/write speeds as they are smaller modules."

PowerColor X800 GT EVO Liquid Cooled @ Bjorn3D

"What if I told you we have a card equipped with its own liquid cooling system? That's right, it's the first card ever to be coupled with Thermaltake's TideWater system. No other AIB used this type of solution before. The card I'm referring to is PowerColor X800 GT EVO based on R480."

HIS Radeon X800GT IceQ II Turbo @ Viperlair

"From a performance standpoint, game experiences were consistently higher than a 6600GT, although in some games it was a close call. Doom 3 was happy to run at 1280x1024 although this was without any AntiAliasing or Anisotropic filtering."

Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-5300 Review @ Legit Reviews

"It is hard for me to find a negative with this memory. Its ran very well at its rated speed, overclocked extremely well, looks great, and is priced in line with other modules in its class."