PowerColor Radeon 9600SE, Mad Dog Entertainer, ThermalTake Jungle 512 and More

Good evening everyone, how was your day?  Mine was fairly uneventful, just your typical Monday at work.  Tonight, the GF and I managed to find some mutual time off and decided a nice quiet dinner was in order.  So, with a belly full of good eats and an inbox packed with gold, I think tonight is going to end on a mellow note.   Here is your nightcap.

 PowerColor Radeon 9600SE @ Legion Hardware

"It is hard to accept a product like the PowerColor Radeon 9600SE and it's even more difficult to give it a fair review. Currently all the excitement in this market is obviously being generated by the latest and greatest flagship products from ATi and NVIDIA. Graphics cards that can produce over 30GB/s memory bandwidth are far more appealing than an old school Radeon 9600SE that struggled to meet 4GB/s."

 Mad Dog Entertainer 7.1 DSP Review @ ASE Labs

"Sound cards are a commonly overlooked component when building a computer. As more and more software and games use better, three-dimensional audio engines, the importance of a good card becomes obvious. Let's see what VIA's mid-range chipset, the Envy24HT-S, can do... "

 ThermalTake Jungle 512 @ Bytesector

"ThermalTake is an active participant in the cooling market. They are constantly at the forefront of air cooling for CPU, VGA and cases. With this versatile product portfolio they have been able to bring out some of the very best coolers available. Today, I will be taking a look at the most recent addition to their portfolio. The Jungle 512 cooler is designed for Intel's latest socket 775 (aka. Socket T). This very simple, copper and aluminum heatsink has a couple interesting design features and ..."

 Xmod 3D Thumb Screws reviewed @ MetkuMods

"With a price around 10 euros per pack, the screws are somewhat expensive but they do provide just that little extra that you may need for your case."

 Logitech Z-2200 Speaker System Review @ PenStar Systems

"The satellites also have a bit of heft to them, as they are made of a thick, high density plastic.  The satellites from the Z-2200's are identical to the Z-680's.  There are four main features of the satellites that I would like the cover.  The first is that each satellite is ported, so the efficiency of the driver should be very high.  The second are the standard wire posts that allow a user to connect any kind of speaker wire they desire.  The third is the removable stand that will allow either desktop use, or wall mounting.  The fourth and final feature is the aluminum phase plug in the middle of the driver.  Each satellite is covered with a cloth and plastic grill.  These grills do not overly affect the sound quality, but there is a small improvement with them off."

That's all I have for you tonight friends.  I will see you back here in the AM :) - Cheers