Apple's Powerbeats Pro Leaked As Sporty AirPods Alternative

Apple's AirPods wireless earbuds have proven popular with the company's fans. However, some very active people find that the AirPods might not be ideal for strenuous activity. A new report claims that Apple is planning to launch new wireless, and AirPods-like, Beats-branded headphones next month. The product is reportedly called the Powerbeats Pro and is said to be "truly wireless."

powerbeats pro

The first glimpse at the headphones came in the form of images and animations that were found tucked away inside iOS 12.2. The headphones are said to be nearly identical to the Powerbeats3 headphones but truly wireless like the AirPods. The headphones will come in black or white colors.

power beats pro

Also found stashed away inside iOS 12.2 was an image of the Powerbeats Pro charging case. It looks very much like the case that charges the AirPods on the go. There is no indication of how long the Powerbeats Pro headphones might last per charge. The assumption is that they won't last as long as the Powerbeats 3, which are good for up to 12 hours of use per charge.

Powerbeats3 have been an attractive alternative to the AirPods since the Powerbeats have a design more suited to workouts with clips to help them stay in place and different ear tip designs to accommodate ear sizes and noise cancellation needs. The assumption is that with assets for Powerbeats Pro in iOS 12.2, the official announcement for the headphones will come soon. Reports claim that support for "Hey, Siri" will be integrated. As for pricing, there is no indication, but the Powerbeats3 available now sell for $199. It's likely that the Powerbeats Pro will come in around that price. Apple's second-gen AirPods launched this month.