Power Supply Units from Foxconn and Hiper Group

With all the system upgrading and building going on this time a year, a brand new power supply might be the last thing on your mind. The power consumption of new hardware, especially video cards run in SLI and Crossfire, can put a tremendous strain on your power supply. Unless you have a PSU that can handle the load, you're putting your system in some serious danger. Today, X-Bit labs has taken a look at a few different PSUs from Foxconn and Hiper Group, ranging from 350w to 580w.

"Today we would like to introduce to you five new power supply units: two Foxconn and three more from Hiper Group. These PSU models range from 350W to 580W. So you should be able to find a solution for every budget in our new review."

Seriously folks, if you're in the market for some new hardware, always make sure that your power supply will be able to handle the extra load. If you need some guidance on choosing the right power supply for your system, head on over to the HH Forums!