Porsche's 911 Speedster Is A Drop Dead Sexy 500hp Farewell For 991 Chassis

porsche 911 speedster 991 1
While BMW is hitting all the right notes with its all-new G20 3-Series for the compact luxury sedan market, Porsche is going straight for performance glory (with gorgeous looks to match) via the new 911 Speedster. This 911 Speedster represents the swan song for the 991 chassis, which was first introduced in 2011. The 991 will soon be replaced by the all new 992 chassis next year.

We can't possibly keep up with all of the gazillion variants that Porsche has crafted for the 991, but the 911 Speedster in Guards Red is easily one of the best looking. Porsche created the car to mark the 70th anniversary of the company's birthday, and there will only be 1,948 produced (which almost certainly guarantees garage queen status). 

porsche 911 speedster 991 3

The 991.2 Carrera 4 Cabriolet forms the basis for the Speedster, but you won't find an automatic soft top like you would get in other Cabriolet models. Instead, you get a wimpy lightweight tonneau cover that attaches to the windshield pillars and body with Tenax buttons. Even more depressing is the fact that you can't drive the vehicle with this top in place. So, if these vehicles do end up getting driven, their owners will need to check the weather forecast ahead of time and plan accordingly. 

porsche 911 speedster 991 2

The spectacular body is accentuated by 21-inch cross-spoke wheels (center locking), a black-chrome fuel fuller cap (which moves from the passenger front fender to a central location near the base of the windshield), and round Talbot side-view mirrors. Inside, the cabin is swathed in perforated black leather with red accents.

porsche 911 speedster 991 4

Powering the 911 Speedster is the 500 horsepower, naturally-aspirated flat-6 engine from the 911 GT3. It sends power to the wheels via a six-speed manual transmission and can rev up to a dizzying 9,000 rpm.

Considering that only 1,948 examples of the 911 Speedster will be produced, we have the feeling that these cars will be priced through its [non-existent] roof. With that being said, it's probably a near-certainty that many, if not all, of the vehicles have already been spoken for.