Porsche Prices 600 Horsepower Taycan Performance EV At $92,500

The world is steadily moving towards electrified cars, and while some sports car manufacturers are fighting this trend, others are fully embracing it. One of the marques that is hip to electrification is Porsche, and it has priced its slick Taycan EV sports car at a cool $92,500 for starters. However, with the myriad of options offered on most Porsche models, that price will certainly climb significantly from that starting point for many buyers. The $92,500 tag puts the Taycan, formerly called the Mission E, right between the Panamera and Cayenne in price.

porsche pit stop taycan

Porsche reportedly sees this car selling about 20,000 units annually at that price, and with the slick looks and Tesla challenging range it should. Porsche is billing the Taycan as more of a sports car than a sedan, and while it is a four-door vehicle, the ride looks more like a two-door coupe in profile. We already know the specifications of the Taycan; the EV beast will make more than 600hp thanks to synchronous motors.

mission e 1

Porsche estimates that the Taycan will zip from a standstill to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 155 mph given enough road. European testing has shown that the driving range of the Taycan is over 310 miles. On paper the car certainly stacks up against the higher-end Tesla Model 3; Porsche appears to be making good on its promise to make the Taycan one of the sportiest cars in its segment. Porsche is expected to use a battery pack in the Taycan that has about 90kWh and 400 cells.

mission e 3

One of the keys for Tesla to help reduce buyer range anxiety was its nationwide Supercharger network. Porsche is doing something similar with its Pit Stop network of 800V charging stations. Porsche will also lean on the 300 charging stations, in highway locations, paid for by the VW-funded Electrify America initiative; those locations will be installed starting in 2019. Electrify America plans to invest $2 billion over a decade and add a network of 12,500 chargers. Porsche has said that using a 350kW charging station, the Taycan will be able to add 62 miles of driving range in four minutes. If you leave the Taycan plugged longer and the vehicle will get 248.5 miles of driving range in 15 minutes. As for why Porsche chose the name "Taycan," (it's not because all the good names were... taken) that word means "lively young horse" in Turkish.