Politicians Embracing MySpace

Politicians are always looking for the latest and greatest way to tap into the "youth vote", and the internet is always a great place to start. California Governor hopeful Phil Agenlides is using MySpace.com, the highly popular(and somewhat controversial) online community site to help further his campaign. Just like Presidential candidates appearing on talk shows, this could be a growing trend in the making.

"But rather than kill a volunteer's unauthorized efforts, the campaign has embraced the youth-heavy site, using Angelides' personal profile page to post position papers and other announcements. It also scans the comments section to gauge what's on youths' minds, turning it into an informal focus group."

Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens would probably fit in real well on MySpace, once he gets through clearing out those "Tubes" he's talking about.  

If this is truly a growing trend, Ol' Ted like many political dinosaurs, may come to find out they are sadly out of touch and have little in common with their youthful constituents... or even the not-so youthful ones?  Wonder what Agenlides might have to say once he was lit up by someone like Roger de Hauteville?  Jump on in Phil-do and Teddie boy, the water's real nice...

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