Polaroid OneStep 2 Instant Camera Is Big On Nostalgia For Generation X

Being a child of the '80s, literally everyone I knew had a Polaroid instant camera. They were a staple of every holiday and birthday party growing up and if you open the photo albums at the home of anyone around in the '80s up to the early '90s, you will find hoards of Polaroid pictures in there. Nostalgia is a big selling point for all sorts of devices; just look all the money Nintendo is raking in on its miniaturized retro consoles like the NES Classic Edition and the pre-order hype surrounding the SNES Classic Edition.

polaroid onestep 2 1

If your nostalgia leans more towards photos that you can watch develop and have in physical format immediately, the new Polaroid OneStep 2 camera is just the ticket. The retro camera is back thanks to the folks at The Impossible Project, which purchased the very last Polaroid factory in The Netherlands and kept it open. Not only is Polaroid Originals (as the company is known) making these instant cameras again, but if you have your Polaroid camera from back in the day lying around in the attic or basement, you can buy film for it again. 

polaroid onestep 2 3

The OneStep 2 instant camera will sell for $99 and will be offered in white or graphite colors. It is up for pre-order right now with an estimated ship date of October 16, 2017. The camera was inspired by the original OneStep camera from 1977 and is compatible with 600 film or i-type film. Features include a high-quality lens that can focus from 2-feet to infinity with a 106mm focal length.

polaroid onestep 2 4

The camera include an optical grade polycarbonate- and acrylic-coated lens. Power is from a 1100 mAh internal battery that is good for 60 days of use per charge. The battery is recharged via a USB cable, which ships with the camera. A self-timer is integrated so you can quickly run to get into the frame. The new i-type film is offered in color or black and white selling for $15.99, while the 600 film starts at $18.99 and is compatible with vintage Polaroid cameras.