Pogoplug Lets Small Businesses Make a Private Cloud with Pogoplug Team

Wary of the cloud because you don’t trust a third party with your precious data? Pogoplug has you covered, providing tools that allow you to create your own private cloud using an old computer or dedicated Pogoplug devices. Now, the company offers similar functionality for small businesses (or small teams or departments within larger organizations) with Pogoplug Team.

Pogoplug Team is software that you can install on any PC that allows users to remotely access files stored on that machine and also back up and share files to it via any other computer, smartphone, tablet, or Web browser. The software supports Windows XP/7, Windows Server 2008, Mac OS X, and Mac OS X Server 10.6.6 and above.

Features include a customizable branded interface (ideal for sharing with clients), password protection for specific files and folders, the ability to manage security on-site, automatic file backup from remote devices, and no limit on the amount of storage businesses or groups can add, as pricing is based on the number of users instead of on capacity.

Yep, that sounds like a private cloud, all right. Assuming the software works as advertised, Pogoplug is a sensational bargain at just $15 per user per year (though you must have at least 3 users).

Users should, however, take care to keep that one in-house computer-come-server safe from harm--theft, spilled coffee, incompetent users, and so on.