Pocket Update Makes It Even Easier To Share Saved Articles With Friends

If you're an avid user of apps, and an avid reader of the Internet, you've probably heard of Pocket. Or, perhaps, you're a user. A year ago, the company changed its name (and purpose) from Read It Later, and this week it's taking another major step in evolving the user experience. As of now, Pocket saves over 35 million items per month, and it has expanded into Mac, Chrome, Safari, and various mobile platforms. The network of developers and publishers has blossomed to nearly 12,000.

The next major update centers around sharing. While “broadcasting” to social networks (like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr) is popular, Pocket users still share via email more than twice as often. The newest update delivers a redesigned Share menu, introducing "Send To Friend" in order to give people a way to share without ever leaving Pocket. Pocket’s redesigned Share Menu with Send to Friend includes shortcuts that make it easier to share with recent friends. The Share Menu also adapts to your most recently used services, like Twitter, Facebook, Evernote or Buffer. The all-new Send to Friend makes it easier to share content that matters to you with the people who matter most. With just a couple of taps you can share content from Pocket with anyone, along with a comment and a highlighted quote. They’ll receive an email with the link, and if they’re a Pocket user, they’ll also be notified right in Pocket. When another Pocket user shares with you, it will appear in your Pocket inbox.

So, give it a whirl. It's available in various app stores for free.