PNY Pushes Liquid Cooled Graphics Cards to the Masses

PNY today announced it's new all-in-one Liquid Coold Graphics series. Kicking off the new series are a pair of XLR8 GeForce GTX 580 videocards, both of which sport an integrated liquid cooling solution from Asetek that's stupid-simple to install in your case. What separates the two cards is that one of them comes with an additional CPU block.

"Designed to increase performance while reducing noise and temperature, PNY’s Liquid Cooled Graphics offers the fastest factory-overclocked card currently on the market at 857 MHz," said Nicholas Mauro, senior marketing manager, PC components for PNY. "The simple all-in-one design offers a powerful, yet easy to install and cost-effective gaming solution that’s backed by the PNY warranty. This highly anticipated graphics option will enable more enthusiast gamers to experience gaming in a whole new way."

According to PNY, these liquid cooled cards run up to 30 percent cooler, 30 percent quieter, and 10 percent faster than air cooled cards built around Nvidia's reference design. That's a mighty combination, but it doesn't come cheap. The XLR* Liquid Cooled GTX 580 carries and MSRP of $580, while the XLR* Liquid Cooled GTX 580 with CPU Cooling costs $650.