Plumbers, Auto Mechanics, And Electricians Are ‘1-Click’ Away With Amazon Home Services

The selection of products on Amazon's marketplace is incredible, to the point where it feels like it "has everything". But one thing it hasn't had up to this point is home services, something the company has today taken care of with the launch of the aptly named "Amazon Home Services".

Amazon Home Services is just what it sounds like, a tie-in to the countless products Amazon sells that will let people order services alongside them. Order a TV? Maybe you want someone to come by and install it for you. Need a room painted? Hire a painter. Need electrical work done? You get the point.

To help ensure the success of its Home Services solution, Amazon handpicks all of the professionals it will tie its customers to. This is a big deal, because you'll never have to worry about whether you're making the right choice. If Amazon itself chose them, then you could expect that the person's / company's track record is good.

Amazon Home Services Infographic

And there is also Amazon's 'Happiness Guarantee' to consider. If for some reason you're unhappy with the work, Amazon will work with both you and the contractor to come to a solution - either to finish the job right, or to issue a refund. Another perk is that the service will offer up-front pricing and availability. Further, like every other product on Amazon's site, customers will be able to leave feedback for the service provider by way of review.

As the graphic above highlights, the rollout is modest at this point, but that's to be expected. Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York all have excellent service coverage, while places like Florida, Indiana, and some parts of Texas are "Medium". Most of the map is "Light" or "Coming Soon", but given the convenience that this service could offer, we might not see it look like this for too much longer.

Would you be willing to order home services through Amazon?