PlayStation Network Back Online Around The World

Great news this weekend for avid PlayStation gamers. After having the PSN service go down for an unprecedented amount of time following a credit card breach, Sony has finally flipped services back online in the states and internationally. It requires a mandatory System Update, bringing consoles to v3.61, which enables your machine to connect to the revitalized network.

It's been weeks since gamers could connect, and Sony has been scrambling night and day to bring things back with a new level of security. On one hand, we feel a bit sorry for Sony. There's no way this has been fun, and it has seriously tarnished their image. But on the other, we're glad that Sony's taking security seriously, and even though it took longer than anyone expected to get things back online, at least security seems to be in check.

Have you downloaded the new update and got a bit of weekend gaming in? Or did you trade your PS3 in for an Xbox 360 during the wait?
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