Multiple PlayStation 5 Restocks Headed To GameStop, What You Need To Know

playstation 5 playstation 5 digital
The Playstation 5 has been out for well over a year, but remains as elusive as ever. There may be an opportunity to nab one of the consoles and a few accessories for yourself soon. GameStop will release two Playstation 5 Bundles later today.

The GameStop Playstation 5 bundles will be available through GameSpot’s website today, Tuesday, March 8th at 11:00am ET. You must be a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Program member to access the bundles. The program is $14.99 USD a year and members get perks like 2% back in rewards on purchases. However, the true value of the program for some may be early access to stock refills.

The bundles include the following:

 Bundle One
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
  • PowerA DualSense Charging Station
  • Cosmic Red DualSense Wireless Controller
  • $50 Gift Card
  • $50 PlayStation Network
  • 12 Months of PS Plus
Bundle Two
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
  • PowerA DualSense Charging Station
  • Cosmic Red DualSense Wireless Controller
  • Samsung 980 PRO 1TB SSD With Heatsink
playstation 5 console controller
As always, there are a few things to note about the restock. First, GameStop PowerUp Rewards members will want to be on the website by 11:00am but should keep in mind that GameStop is frequently late. Second, it is unlikely that the restock will open up to others once the members have had their fill. There will only be a limited number of bundles and these will prove popular. 

There will also likely be an in-store Playstation 5 restock event later this week on March 11th. GameStop will reportedly sell a bundle with Sony's Playstation 5 Disc Edition console, Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition, Horizon: Forbidden West Special Edition, a PowerA DualSense charging station, a HyperX Cloud Headset, and a $50 PlayStation Network gift card. There will only be 4-8 of these bundles at certain stores and they will cost nearly $800 USD.

This news should overall be taken with a grain of salt. Insider Matt Swider of The Shortcut was the first to drop news about the in-person restock, but GameStop has not yet confirmed this will occur. Nevertheless, we can at least verify that the GameStop PlayStation 5 Digital Edition bundles will be available for purchase today.

Images courtesy of Sony