Where And When GameStop And Amazon’s Next PS5 Restocks Could Drop Leftovers

playstation 5 online console drops may be inbound
Though we are over a month out from the end of the holiday shopping season, getting your hands on a new PlayStation 5 from store shelves or online retailers can still be tricky. However, it is thought that GameStop or Amazon could have an online PS5 drop in the coming days, and you can watch out for that her, and also pick up some gaming essentials while you wait.

With silicon shortages and a pesky pandemic amidst a holiday season, it was the perfect storm for making it hard to acquire the latest and greatest consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Thankfully, consoles are still trickling out, and the number of scalpers is dropping as more people are managing to get hands on a console. If you wish to join this semi-exclusive group of people who get to play all the PlayStation game exclusives, though, a good stepping-off point would be to join the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro program for $14.99/yr. This program can get you exclusive early access to console drops, one of which may be coming in early February following in-store PS5 restocks earlier this month that left GameStop with extra or leftover consoles that still need to be sold.

powerup playstation 5 online console drops may be inbound

Barring this, it is also a great idea to keep tabs on Amazon’s stock of PlayStations as consoles can come in whenever and will be listed online (and subsequently sold) rather quickly. To help with this, you can follow Twitter accounts like @PS5StockAlerts, which can get you some early information on when a console will drop.

The other option here is by going directly to the horse's mouth and registering with Sony for your chance to score a console. By signing in with a PlayStation Network Sign-in ID, you may be selected and contacted by email to purchase one of a limited number of PS5 consoles available. Up until any of these things happen, you can pick up some accessories you will likely need to get for gaming on day one. This includes things such as extra controllers, upgrade SSDs for those larger game libraries, and headsets like the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro, all of which we have linked below:
All told, most people are still struggling to get a console, but hopefully this information will give you a leg-up on your competition. If you manage to snag a console following our guide, do let us know about it in the comments below. Stay frosty and happy console hunting.