Playing Palworld? You Need To Download This Super-Helpful Mod ASAP

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Palworld players can access a big-time quality of life improvement by installing the Pal Info mod currently available on Nexus Mods, a mod created by user InhumanityMods. Since Palworld is still in early access the game has several rough edges, one of them being that a player doesn’t have much of an idea of what they might be getting into when deciding to take on one of the monsters in the world. This is the problem this mod looks to solve.

With Pal Info players get a nice overlay with several details about a monster they’re interested in. Some of the information includes the monster’s current level, how many hit points it has, the amount of defense it possesses, its attack stats, and what type of workspeed a player can expect to get out of it. None of this information is readily available to a player with only the base game installed, so this is a massive upgrade.

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Even better is that the mod’s developer has plans to add more features. According to the developer these plans include improving the polish of the user interface, making configuration easier, bringing needed changes to the UI when gleaning information on NPCs or other players, and adding indicators for when a player runs into a monster that’s rare or a boss.

The mod is proving to be very popular among users on Nexus Mods. It currently sits at 5,828 unique downloads alongside 52 endorsements. Endorsements are a way for users on the site to share their approval of a mod so that other users can decided whether or not a mod is worth downloading and installing.

Unfortunately, players on Xbox won’t be able to access this great feature. Hopefully something like this gets integrated officially into the game in the near future.
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