PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Surges Past 3 Million Concurrent Users, Shows No Sign Of Stopping

pubg woman
You can’t really talk about shooters without someone bringing up PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it's more commonly known. The game has proven to be insanely popular, even if it has its bugs and issues that fans lament. The game has finally exited alpha on PC and only recently landed on the Xbox One. PUBG has been growing its player base on the PC rapidly over the last several months.

Back in September the game passed 1.5 million concurrent users on Steam. Only about a month later in mid-October, the game had reached 2.3 million concurrent users. PUBG in December hit over 3 million concurrent players on Steam, which is an incredible feat.

Recently, PUBG's devs have been working to bring new features to the game and to fix some of the lingering issues that rile gamers. Only a couple weeks ago the game saw a version 1.0 launch that brought with it a 3D replay system and a kill cam. That kill cam is nice because before players often died wondering who exactly shot them.


The system also helps players spot cheaters so they can report them. Cheating is a massive issue in PUBG, with the vast majority of the cheats originating from China. In fact, English speaking players are the minority of PUBG gamers at only 21%. Tencent has exclusive PUBG operating rights in China and has vowed to rid the game of cheaters.

The official PC release date for the version 1.0 PUBG was December 20. That launch brought with it a new desert map, called Miramar. It was quit a change from the other maps the game offers with no green fields or forests for players to fight it out in, but there are plenty of demolished buildings.