PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds First-Person Servers Update Praised As Gloriously Game-Changing

When it comes to shooters on Steam, the most popular game that isn't made by Valve is PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. The game is still in Steam Early Access mode meaning it hasn't even seen its full, official launch yet and it is already incredibly popular. This week marked an official update for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) and this update brought something totally new to the third-person shooter.

To supplement the traditional third-person view of the game, the update has added in first-person servers. That means in those servers you have to play through the game using the first-person view, which eliminates some of the player's ability to see what is going on around them. While in the normal third-person view you get a better look at where an enemy is and you know what's going on around you to a greater extent. The first-person view makes it more difficult to watch your back and many think it makes the game more exciting and certainly more difficult.

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Some players felt that in third-person view, the ability to peek around corners to find people waiting to kill you was unrealistic and unfair. These new servers forcing all to use the first-person view certainly eliminates that capability.

While first-person players do have to go to their own servers, the matchmaking wasn't delayed according to reports. The only segments of the game that aren't in first-person with the new servers are the plane ride in and skydive. The notes on the update do say that these two sections of the game will eventually go first-person as well. While the first-person servers are certainly the biggest aspect of this update, that isn't all you get.

A bunch of bug fixes have been added in the update along with several UI updates. Some tweaks have been applied to items and vehicles, such as the ability to now honk the horn in a car. One big change for fans of the game that prefer a gamepad over mouse and keyboard is added support for Xbox One controllers. You also can't kill knocked out teammates to avoid giving the opposition credit for the kill. A new weapon was added with the Mk14 EBR, a marksman rifle only obtained in care packages. It supports sniper rifle attachments and is chambered for 7.62mm rounds.