Plasma Or LCD? Get Your 50 Inch Plasma Betamax Now!

The winner in the plasma/LCD wars to supply you with a television is coming to a head. Big, high resolution LCD screens are forcing plasma televisions into the huge screen corner. And the price of all of it is coming down --way down.

It is technologically difficult and often costly for plasma makers to give a full high-definition function to models with a screen size of less than 50 inches, while LCD TV makers are aggressively promoting full HD models in that segment although prices are generally higher. "This Christmas season probably is the last chance for (plasma TV makers) to promote 42-inch models. By this time next year probably there will be no price difference between plasma and LCD TVs," Credit Suisse analyst Wanli Wang said. With little price difference, most people would choose LCD TVs because of their higher resolution, Wang said. He expects LCD TV prices to fall 30 percent or more in 2007, compared with a decline of 15 to 20 percent for plasma TVs, due to ample LCD panel supplies.

And remember kids: when LCD and plasma manufacturers are done fighting over your dollars, laser television is going to come along and wipe them both out.  You heard it here on HotHardware first.

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