Plantronics Voyager PRO UC Handles Skype And Mobile Calls Over Bluetooth

The overall use of Bluetooth headsets may be trending downward (c'mon, you can admit that it never really was an awesome idea to begin with), but one name isn't apt to vanish from the niche anytime soon. Plantronics has been a mainstay in the BT headset market for years now, and with personal headset purchases on the decline, the company is looking to spread its wings and brand into slightly different market places as it searches for something to make up for lost business.

The Voyager PRO UC isn't your typical Bluetooth headset. It's a headset designed for at-home (and at-the-office) use, though the design looks mighty comfortable when the alternative is holding some bulky corded headset up to your ear all day. Designed for "mobile professionals in the office or on-the-go," the headset arrives with a USB dongle and can switch between calls received on your PC and those on your mobile phone. In other words, you can have this on your ear and manage Skype calls through your PC and mobile calls through your Bluetooth headset. Pretty smart, huh?

As expected, Plantronics has included dual noise-canceling microphones, AudioIQ² technology, and three layers of WindSmart technology, all of which supposedly work to make your calls clearer and easier to hear. It's expected to go on sale next month for a steep $199.95, though we expect corporate purchases to make up the bulk of these sales. After all, this is a CSR's dream device.