Google Confirms Pixel 4 Face Unlock And Motion Sense Gesture Tech

The Pixel 4 does not drop until this upcoming October, but Google has already revealed several new features. The Pixel 4 will unlock with face scanning technology instead of a fingerprint sensor. This feature appears to be a direct challenge to Face ID found on devices like the iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

Google has confirmed what many have suspected and insists that their feature differs from their competitors. It says that users will not need to hold up their device, strike a certain pose, or swipe to unlock their device after their face scan. The face unlock sensors will reportedly scan a user’s face as they pick up their device, regardless of orientation.

pixel4 face unlock

The Pixel 4 will also feature Motion Sensors. Project “Soli”, a motion-sensing radar, has been in the works for several years. Many knew that Google was working on this technology, but few knew when it would be available. The Pixel 4 will contain a miniature radar that will be able to detect small motions. Users will be able to skip songs, snooze alarms, and a wide variety of other actions with the wave of their hand.

Google promises that face unlock images and Soli sensor data will never leave a user’s device nor be shared with Google services. They insist that the data is stored on the Pixel's Titan M security chip. In light of the FaceApp controversy, many are concerned about sharing images of their face with apps and devices.

Apple is rumored to be considering ditching Face ID on certain devices. The company is reportedly considering selling an iPhone model without Face ID that would only be available in China. At the moment, the rumor is not considered valid, but it would be an intriguing development. It will be interesting to see whether face unlock technology will convince consumers to purchase the Pixel 4 or if it will drive them away.