Pirates Love Netflix's Booty, Download New Daredevil TV Show 2.1 Million Times

The argument is often made that if content were made cheaper to watch and easier to access, it'd be pirated much less, but sometimes, that just isn't the case at all. Despite the fact that Netflix's streaming service costs under $10 per month, its latest series, Daredevil, has been pirated by 2.1 million unique users since its launch on April 10.

Netflix Daredevil
Netflix's Daredevil

As incredible as that might be, Daredevil still didn't manage to take the top spot for most pirated. That record belongs to none other than Game of Thrones, which had 6.5 million downloads over the same period.

According to piracy tracking agency Excipio, Brazil led the number of Daredevil downloads with 190K. In second place, with 149K, is India, a country which doesn't have a Netflix service available. Third place belongs to the US, with 144K, and fourth, to the UK, with 120K.

Netflix vs HBO vs Popcorn Time

In his letter to company shareholders recently, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that piracy remains a big issue for the company, pointing to the graph seen above, which shows popular torrent content curator Popcorn Time ranking as high in searches as Netflix in the Netherlands.

I am not sure Netflix is going to be too unhappy at this point, though, as it just closed off its best quarter ever, reporting 41.1 million subscribers in the US, and 20.9 million overseas, easily beating expectations.