Pirates: Come Get Your IE7

Microsoft has removed the requirement for WGA validation when downloading Internet Explorer 7, meaning users of pirated copies of Windows XP can now experience tabbed browsing Microsoft-style.

"IE7 was released to the public nearly a year ago, but has yet to overtake its predecessor as the most used Web browser. The removal of the WGA requirement is sure to boost install numbers over IE6, and -- as Microsoft notes -- in turn protect more users from security threats on the Web."

Although it continues to update IE6 for Windows XP with security fixes, the aging operating system is nearing the end of its mainstream support. In addition, IE7 includes a phishing filter that Microsoft says protects consumers at a rate of 900,000 times per week, along with native support for Extended Validation SSL Certificates to prevent fraud.

Aside from the WGA requirement removal, Microsoft has made minor changes, such as enabling the menu bar by default (yea, although we use Firefox for the most part).
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