Pinterest’s Mobile Bonanza Includes New or Updated Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire Apps

For as popular as sharing site Pinterest has become, the mobile experience has mostly been terrible. The Pinterest powers-that-be are out to change that with a new iPad app, tweaks to the iPhone app, and the first-ever native Android app.

The Android app has been a long time coming, and the Pinterest team stated that the app should offer solid performance irrespective of which Android device you’re using--that means that it should run equally well on both phones and tablets.

Pinterest iOS and Android apps

iPhone users will now enjoy a two-column layout, and the iPad app (version 2.0) offers tweaks including the ability to swipe to resume browsing and spy what other pinners are up to.

Buried in the Android and iOS announcements is the news that the Kinde Fire is getting its own Pinterest app as well, which will be available on the Amazon Appstore for Android witihin a few days.

These releases follow the news that Pinterest has moved from an invite-only affair to one that’s open to anyone that cares to spend hours scrolling through pins and reposting recipes, design ideas, quotes, sports, technology--well, you get the idea.