Pick Al Lowe's Brain During Reddit AMA Session Today at 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET

In the latest Kickstarter update sent out by Replay Games to backers of Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, it was revealed that Larry creator Al Lowe will be participating in another Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Saturday, July 6th (that's today!) at 1:00 PM Eastern (10:00 AM Pacific for you folks living on the west coast). He'll discuss the making of Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded as well as the whole Kickstarter experience.

Al Lowe needs no introduction among old school adventure gamers, who know him well as the original creator of Larry Laffer back when Sierra was owned by Ken and Roberta Williams. We won't get into the unfortunate series of events that led to Sierra changing hands, but suffice to say, the two Larry games that didn't involve Al Lowe -- Magna Cum Laude and Box Office Busts -- both were unable to capture the magic and charm of Larry Laffer.

Al Lowe

Through funds received from a successful Kickstarter campaign, Al Lowe and Replay Games were able to license Leisure Suit Larry and remake the original game, though it's received more than just a fresh coat of paint. It was also updated with new locales, puzzles, tons of dialog, and even a brand new love interest. It's available now for $20 on PC, Mac, and Linux, and will soon be available on iOS and Android.

In any event, if you cut your teeth on any of the original Larry games, today's Reddit AMA is a great chance to pick Al Lowe's brain and learn more about the man who corrupted your game-playing youth, if you dare.